Female owner of company wearing green shirt holding pink bone in front of her in a sunny park

About Bag to the Bone®

Love my Bag to the Bone®! It is sturdy and easily clips on my dog's harness. The rubber end helps open the bag when I'm wearing gloves.

Andi K

No more fumbling trying
to open the poo bag!

Bonnie M

Walking multiple dogs is much easier with Bag to the Bone®. I have something to carry the full poo bags so both hands are free for leashes and pets.

Jill A

Love this poo-bag opener/carrier! Easy to use with gloves and handy with the QUALITY carabiner.

Lisa S

Bag to the Bone® makes opening poo bags so much easier in the winter!

Sara H

Pink Bag to the Bone®

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Blue Bag to the Bone®

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Red Bag to the Bone®

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How to use Bag to the Bone®

Open bag with rubberized heart

Pick up poo and tie off

Slide full poo bag on slit and go