About Us

It was cold. It was windy. It was sleeting. Michelle was walking two dogs who had just pooed. As she took off her warm gloves to open the poo bag, she knew there must be a faster and better way- not only to prep and open the bag, but to carry it all the way home.

Michelle's frustration opening stubborn poo bags during another brutal midwestern winter led to the invention of Bag to the Bone®.

With over 20 years of experience dog sitting, including owning a pet concierge business, Michelle knew stubborn poo bags was a universal issue. Any dog owner has struggled, at least once, with trying to open a poo bag. It is even worse when it is cold and your gloves make it that much harder to open.

An added bonus is the slit made for carrying the full poo bag. This slit can hold two bags of poo from large dogs. No more waving poo bags at your neighbors, they are now slid on Bag to the Bone® and out of your hands.

If you aren't completely satisfied with this product, email us for a full return!